It was amongst the tattered red seats facing a dusty movie screen, where a vision was born. A vision shared between two high school best friends with aspirations of becoming a successful Hollywood filmmaking duo. Each week, as if it was their curse, the two friends would find themselves seated, once again, in the theatre’s smallest and most run-down cinema room. Despite their initial disappointment, it would ironically become the staging ground for their warmest memories of moviegoing. As adulthood brought their weekly ritual to an end, this place became the ultimate symbol of the most beloved era in their lives. And so, when the decision was made to reveal themselves to the world, they proudly chose to take the name of the dingy cinema that had become a second home.

That name? Cinema 7


Meet the Duo Behind Cinema 7

Cinema 7 was founded by Micky and Jonathan after graduating and achieving their film degrees, respectively from Macquarie University and The Australian Film Television & Radio School. Concerned with career longevity, these friends-turned-colleagues shifted their sights from the hills of Hollywood to Sydney’s bustling corporate world. The ever-evolving world of marketing has found video to be its most valuable tool in today’s digital era. This offers endless creative opportunities, which provides Micky and Jonathan a space to thrive.

Who We Do It For

Cinema 7’s vision is to bring a completely cinematic approach to a client’s visual content needs. Whether via a traditional or emerging platform, Cinema 7 seeks to apply its foundation in screen theory and practice to set a client apart from its competitors. This advantage is vital in the increasingly saturated corporate marketplace. The aim is to uniquely showcase our client in a way that will leave a lasting impression on their viewers and we endeavour to achieve this every time. Quite simply, Cinema 7 is the ‘go-to’ place for all things video.


Businesses we service

  • Corporate businesses
  • Small-medium businesses
  • Businesses in the retail market
  • Businesses in the restaurant/food arena
  • Charitable organisations
  • Marketing organisations

List of services we provide

  • Social media content
  • Brand identity videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Corporate events
  • Product videos
  • Interviews
  • Real estate videos
  • Internal communication videos



Cinema 7 Media Pty Ltd